pop-up tents

It might still be cold and dreary outside, but now is the time to get ready for spring and summer. Whether you are an experienced street food vendor or you are new at the game, it is important to think about the gear you need.  And the most essential thing you need, is a pop-up tent or canopy.

Of course, a canopy will protect you from wind, rain and sun. But that is not the main reason you need one. Want you want your pop-up tent to achieve for you, is to make your business:

  • stand out;
  • be memorable and:
  • be recognisable.

Stand out

Your tent can stand out by having a bright colour and a clear, crisp print. Passers-by will be curious to see what’s going on under that tent and come over to have a look. Hopefully, you will then be able to convert those passers-by into buying customers. Your food is delicious of course, so those customers will want to come back in the future.

Be memorable

This is were being memorable comes in. Your food must of course be memorable, but don’t forget how important your canopy is. It gives you the opportunity to really brand yourself. Print your logo and name clearly and in big letters on as many sides of your pop-up tent as you want. People will want to know your name and remember it, so make that easy for them. If you can, make sure your name is catchy and easy to remember.

Be recognisable

Finally, you need to be recognisable. Having a red canopy in a sea of red canopies won’t do you any favours. If your customers remembered you from a former event and want to seek you out again, you should make that as easy as possible for them. Use colours that stand out, and more importantly, use a very clear and recognisable brand logo. Often visuals are easier to remember than words. It’s not for nothing so many wine bottles have pictures of animals on them: it is far easier to search for ‘that one with the cute little duck on the label’ then to remember you really liked that Sauvignon Blanc from that New Zealand place, what was it again?

At Central Flags, we can print your canopies in any way you like. Just a logo and name at the front, or your logo on all sides, or maybe you want a real stand out all over design: it’s all possible, and all for the same price. We offer free artwork, so our design team is on hand to help you out.

Furthermore, pop-up tents or canopies are very easy to set up. They come in a handy carry bag, too. Have a look at this video to see exactly how easy it is erect your tent.


Call us today at 0121 667 8701 or email sales@centralflags.co.uk to get a quote and find out all the options. Plus, quote PROMO CODE CF172FF and get 2 FREE fully printed feather flags when you order your canopy! Offer valid until March 21st.