best canopy

When you are planning an outdoor event, a canopy is a vital accessory. These tents are great for a whole range of activities, from weddings, parties, outdoor fairs and exhibitions, to trade shows and street food events. Providing shelter from both sun and rain, canopies are a versatile accessory and a must have for any outdoor event. And of course the big advantage is that these tents are light and easy to set up. Plus, you can have them printed any which way you want.

With all the options in printing, size and the choice of walls, how do you know what is the best canopy for your event? Here is our 3 -step guide to buying the perfect tent.

1. Custom Printed, Custom Designed

Have a think about how you will be using your canopy. Does it need to attract the attention of passers by? Then you probably want big lettering and a clear logo. Bright colours work well, too. Is it for a birthday party? Why not have a huge photo of the birthday boy or girl printed on there? Or keep it simple and just use their favourite colours. A wedding? Maybe you want the canopies printed in a romantic flower print?

Anything goes, and the good news is you don’t have to be an experienced designer to create a great canopy. We provide all the artwork for free. So no need to worry about how to create a good design: you simply provide us with the logos, images and colours you want and our team will come up with a great custom made design for you.

Furthermore, all our canopies are digitally printed on very strong fabric, which means the prints are clear, bright and weather proof.

2. No Walls or All Walls

The most basic canopy tent consists just of four legs and a roof. This simple set up is perfect if you are on a budget, or if you want your tent to be accessible from all sides. Consider how you are going to use your tent. At some business events or at fairs you might want to place a table in there. In that case it is a good idea to have at least the back of the tent closed so you have a backdrop. Or maybe you are using your tent as a DJ booth at a party? Then you might want to close the tent off on three sides. And maybe you want to be able to close the tent off completely and you’ll opt for a full walled canopy.

Whatever option you choose, from one wall, four walls or even a few half walls, we can print all the fabric, both inside and out. So however you set up your canopy, the design will look great every time. Plus, the walls offer good protection from wind, rain and sunshine.

3. Size Matters

A standard canopy tent has a single peak and measures 3 meters by 3 meters. That is plenty of room for a lot of uses: as a street food tent, as a DJ booth, as a bar, or as a stand at fairs, markets, and sporting or business events.

If you want to go larger, you can opt for a 3m x 6m tent. This kind of canopy is great for big outdoor parties and weddings. Not only does this size offer space for a great dance floor, it is also perfect for a sit down meal. A double peak 3m x 6m canopy comfortably sits up to 15 people at tables. If you need seating room only, there is plenty of space for up to 30 people.

Have a look at our canopy page to see all the options. And the best news? If you order your canopy  before spring and quote our promo code CT172FFB you will get 2 fully printed flags absolutely free. Offer valid all through winter.

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