Foot Traffic

It’s obvious, really. If you are running a brick and mortar shop you need foot traffic. More traffic means more chances to engage with customers and most importantly, more chances to sell.

This is why you should always keep trying to increase foot traffic, even if you think you are already doing quite well. There are always more potential customers out there and there are always things you can do to get existing customers to come to your shop more often.

So how exactly do you do that? Here are our 3 tips on increasing foot traffic:

Got curb appeal?

The look and feel of your shop from the outside is very important. Make it as good as it can be and keep it tidy, clean and well maintained. Nobody wants to walk into a shop that has greasy windows or peeling paint.

Don’t forget to step outside every now and then and try and see your shop through your customers’ eyes: does it look appealing? Is the lighting enticing and welcoming?

Also, don’t stop at the window displays: use the pavement, too. Are you making sure you are attracting the attention of passersby? Placing a few printed flags outside can make all the difference. Either simply print your shop name or type of business, or use them to shout about some great sales you have going on. Or how about promoting an event you have coming soon? Custom printed flags are more economical than you might think: once you have the full set of feather flag, pole and base, all you need in the future to change up your messages is the fabric flags itself.

Furthermore, have a think about adding curbside elements that can be of use to your customers. There’s a bike shop in Atlanta for instance that set up bike racks outside their shop where customers can park their bikes while shopping. Can you think of anything your shoppers might find useful? Set it up outside and see what happens.

Use social media traffic to increase real life traffic

Do you have any in-store promotions going on? Got an event coming up? Keep your customers posted via email and social media. Make sure you come up with some offers that can only be redeemed on site.

Also, target your posts well: someone on the other side of the country is not very likely to drop in, but a Facebook post targeted just at your local area might get you some great foot traffic and new customers.

Hold events

Organising events is a great way to draw people to your shop. Events offer your customers a fun, social experience that they won’t find online or in other shops. Maybe you can even work together with other shops or brands. Organise a designer showcase, a talk by a local artisan, or a fundraiser: whatever you can think of to draw people in, meet new customers and grow the relationship with your existing customers.

And don’t forget to promote and dress up your event! Use custom printed banners, flags, and customised bunting for example. Also, make sure you have some free give away items: they are sure to get your shop mentioned after the event, too.

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