Open Days Coming up? Let Us Be Your One Stop Shop.

Everything you need for your University and College Open Days

All throughout summer, schools, colleges and universities all over the UK are organising their open days. Have you got everything you need for yours? We offer bespoke packages with all the printed promotional materials you might need, from canopy tents and large feather flags to T-shirts, banners, table cloths and display stands.

We offer:

  • High quality printing processes and materials;
  • Discounts on packages and volume orders;
  • Free artwork design on all orders over £ 300.00

Do you have any special requirements, or do you need a bit of advice? Talk to our expert sales team. We are happy to help. Email us at or call 0121 582 7730.

A Straightforward Order Process

Step 1: Choose your products
Step 2: Send us your artwork
Step 3: Approve all designs
Step 4: Your order goes into production
Step 5: We deliver your order to any UK address (Lead time: approx. 7-10 business days)

Not sure what combination of products works best for you? Let us put together a bespoke package for you, tailoring exactly to the needs of your university, college or school. From a campus-wide set up with 10 canopies and multiple types of flags and banners to a simple welcoming or sign posting package: we are happy to help you make the most of your day.

A good investment

Our products are all made to be used time and again. The polyester flags and tents are sublimation printed, ensuring a clear, crisp print that doesn’t fade.  Flag poles and canopy frames are all made with strong but lightweight aluminium, so they will last you for years. Invest now in the essentials and you will be set for your open days for years to come.

Buy Any Three Printed Flags Throughout July & August 2017 and get One Free.

We are pleased to offer an amazing 1 Free Printed Promotional Flag with every order of 3 Printed Promotional Flags throughout the month of July and August, saving you a massive 25%.

We have extended this hugely popular order to give you the chance to get you flags in before the start of the outdoor event season. The offer goes for all our promotional flags: besides feather flags we also have paddle or beach flags, forecourt flags and backpack flags.

Our premium flag systems are made to a very high standard and are built to last. All our flags are lightweight, easy to transport and quick to put up and take down. Our flags are sublimation printed, which means they are colourfast and rain and weather-proof. Furthermore, they come with all the necessary attachments and fittings free of charge.

Oh, and we also happily do the artwork for you, for free. Full Product Details Here

Choose Your Flag Type
Choose A Base Type - We stock Every kind Of Flag Base
Approve The Design
Your Flags Go Into Production
We Deliver Your Flags to Any UK or European Address

Planning to exhibit in 2017? Here are 6 ways to make sure you stand out

When you take your business to a trade fair or exhibition, you want to have as many people visit your stand as possible. But with all those other traders around it isn’t always easy to stand out. Here are our six tips on how to make sure you make a great impression.

1. Have signs and flags to let people know you’re there

Just having a stand isn’t enough. People need to be able to quickly tell who you are and what you do. Having signs created will really help draw attention your stand. Consider having a printed banner made for your table with your business name and logo. Or place the banner at the back of your stand and use a custom printed tablecloth. To make sure people notice your business from a distance, have one or two printed feather flags at the corners of your stand.

Your banners and flags don’t need to be flashy or expensive, but they need to communicate who you are and what your company does.

2. Don’t forget the good old business card

You might think that in this digital age, old fashioned printed business cards are a thing of the past. But they are still the quickest and fastest way to exchange details with a potential customer or client. Business cards are cheap to print and come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Make sure you bring plenty.

3. Free Giveaways!

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that people love getting free gifts. It can be anything you like: key chains, stress-balls, pens or USB-sticks. Just make sure they are branded with your company’s name and logo. These freebies don’t just attract foot traffic to your stand, they also spread your name around and make sure your business will be mentioned and remembered even after the exhibition has ended. And of course, they create a great way to start a conversation with someone as they approach you about picking up their free gift.

4. Run a Competition

Another great way to draw people to your stand is to have a contest or raffle. Make sure the prize is worthwhile: the better the prize, the more people your competition will attract. Have anyone who wants to enter register with their name and email address. So even if you don’t get a chance to personally speak to everyone who registers, at least you can contact them later.

5. Have a Visual Display

People are more attracted to images than to words. How about creating a video or photo slideshow of your business and products that you can play on a loop at your stand? Or place a few pull up banners in your stand with some great images. Make sure you use a variety of promotional products to make a great visual first impression.

6. Have your website on display

People expect businesses to have a website and to be active on social media. Having a laptop or a tablet at your stand that displays your website can help show that your business is professional and active online. Of course a laptop or tablet also makes it easy to quickly gather contact information from people.

Are you going to an exhibition soon? Get in touch with our sales team. We are happy to help you, whatever your budget is. Email us at, or ring us on 0121 667 8701.


In Retail? It’s All About Foot Traffic

It’s obvious, really. If you are running a brick and mortar shop you need foot traffic. More traffic means more chances to engage with customers and most importantly, more chances to sell.

This is why you should always keep trying to increase foot traffic, even if you think you are already doing quite well. There are always more potential customers out there and there are always things you can do to get existing customers to come to your shop more often.

So how exactly do you do that? Here are our 3 tips on increasing foot traffic:

Got curb appeal?

The look and feel of your shop from the outside is very important. Make it as good as it can be and keep it tidy, clean and well maintained. Nobody wants to walk into a shop that has greasy windows or peeling paint.

Don’t forget to step outside every now and then and try and see your shop through your customers’ eyes: does it look appealing? Is the lighting enticing and welcoming?

Also, don’t stop at the window displays: use the pavement, too. Are you making sure you are attracting the attention of passersby? Placing a few printed flags outside can make all the difference. Either simply print your shop name or type of business, or use them to shout about some great sales you have going on. Or how about promoting an event you have coming soon? Custom printed flags are more economical than you might think: once you have the full set of feather flag, pole and base, all you need in the future to change up your messages is the fabric flags itself.

Furthermore, have a think about adding curbside elements that can be of use to your customers. There’s a bike shop in Atlanta for instance that set up bike racks outside their shop where customers can park their bikes while shopping. Can you think of anything your shoppers might find useful? Set it up outside and see what happens.

Use social media traffic to increase real life traffic

Do you have any in-store promotions going on? Got an event coming up? Keep your customers posted via email and social media. Make sure you come up with some offers that can only be redeemed on site.

Also, target your posts well: someone on the other side of the country is not very likely to drop in, but a Facebook post targeted just at your local area might get you some great foot traffic and new customers.

Hold events

Organising events is a great way to draw people to your shop. Events offer your customers a fun, social experience that they won’t find online or in other shops. Maybe you can even work together with other shops or brands. Organise a designer showcase, a talk by a local artisan, or a fundraiser: whatever you can think of to draw people in, meet new customers and grow the relationship with your existing customers.

And don’t forget to promote and dress up your event! Use custom printed banners, flags, and customised bunting for example. Also, make sure you have some free give away items: they are sure to get your shop mentioned after the event, too.

Curious about our promotional products and prices? Request a quick quote, or call us on 0121 667 8701. We are happy to help you find the products that suit you best. You can also email our experienced sales team at

3 tips for designing printed flags that attract customers

The way you create your printed flags or banners can make a big difference when it comes to acquiring new customers. American giant Best Buy for example found out that about 17 percent of its customers didn’t set out to shop there, but came into the store just because they drove by and saw the signs. And really, haven’t we all made a spontaneous shop or food stop like that before?

To make sure you get the most out of your printed promotional flags and banners, stick to these three important design principles:

1. Choose the right colour

Colour is a very important part of a well designed flag or banner.  It really helps establish your brand identity.  Think for example of Ikea’s bold blue and yellow or Easyjet’s orange. Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its colour.

This doesn’t mean of course that you have to use a bright, bold colour. Maybe as a business owner you want to show a bit of your personality and use colours that really match what your brand stands for. This is fine of course, but be careful with very trendy colours: you don’t want to look hopelessly out of date a few years down the line. Not to mention the cost and effort involved in a full re-brand.

So try and find colours that both match what your business stands for (think ‘warm’, or ‘cheerful’ or ‘serious’ or ‘trustworthy’ etc.) and that can withstand the test of time.

2. Readability

You might have a beautiful colour pattern in mind, but what happens when you add text? Will half of it disappear into the background and become illegible?  Contrast is crucial when designing your printed flags and banners. Most businesses will use a continuous background colour and then put text and graphics (like a logo) in the foreground.

The easier it is for a passer by to take in your message, the bigger the chance that they will remember it.

If a simple contrast like black on white or dark on light isn’t a great option for you, there is another trick you can use: enhance the contrast by outlining your text or giving it shadow. Putting a border around your text or logo can also help. It is all about reading speed.

Remember, in a lot of cases people will see your flags whilst driving. They will not have the time to take in a lot of information. Not sure about the right amount of text? Have a drive around yourself and test which flags and banners you easily take in, and which are a bit of a blur.

3. Size matters

It seems so obvious, but size really makes a difference. Not just the size of your flag or banner, but the size of your lettering, too. Like we said before, people drive by in their cars and have just a second to read your message. Or maybe you are using your printed flags as signposting at a trade show for instance.  The larger the letters, the easier it is to read.

There is a good rule of thumb to use here: 10 feet per inch. That is ten feet of distance per inch of letter height for the best readability and impact. So if you think your customers should be able to read your flags or banners from 100 feet away, make sure your letters are 10 inches tall.

Besides the size of your lettering, the font or typeface you use also matters. Maybe your brand really suits romantic, curly letters, but how easy to read is that from a distance?

If you have any question or would like some more information on our custom printed flags and banners, please get in touch. We are happy to help you design the product that works best for you. Call us on 0121 667 8701 or email us at

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Christmas Promotion

Christmas is a very important period for retailers, and it is not always easy going… Businesses have to fight hard for their position in a season that sees big spending volumes, but also fierce competition. So how can you make sure that you are well prepared for Christmas?

Retailers and other businesses are often so busy getting their Christmas stock in place in time, that they forget a vital component: you need to stand out from the crowd. And to do that, you need to think about your premises. Atmosphere is never more important than at Christmas. Are you really giving your business that Christmas feel?

Let us help you out with these 4 tips on making the most of the festive season. And don’t worry: it is not too late. Most our products can be delivered well within 2 weeks.

1. Draw them in

This has to be at the top of the list. Make sure you draw the attention of passers by and entice customers to come in. Have you thought about replacing your existing outside flags with Christmassy ones? Can you promote your special Christmas offers on pull up banners by the door? It is an investment that will easily pay itself back, because you can use these flags and banners year after year. Have them printed in warm wintery colours and add your own special Christmas message. Lastly, finish with some fairy lights and your business will look lovely and inviting. Do it well, and be sure your customers will talk about you!

2. Inside and out

Now that you have persuaded people to step into your shop or business, you want to make sure that the inside looks just as lovely as the outside. Why not drape some custom printed table cloths over your counter? And how about bespoke bunting? You can have as many different designs on the flags as you like. Go for a standard Seasonal message, have different December offers on the flags or go a bit mad and print the faces of your staff on the bunting: if you can think it, we can print it.

3. Make them remember you

Of course you don’t have to embarrass your staff to make sure you stand out. Have you thought about some lovely little give aways? People just love them and will often come back just to get another one or two. And they really don’t have to break the bank. Have a look at this cute little logo bug for instance, who wouldn’t want to take a cute snowman like that home? Tie them in with a minimum spend or offer present wrapping service and stick one on top of each gift. Your customers will smile (and remember you!) every time they look at the little creature.


4. Start a tradition

Christmas is all about traditions. So why not start one? Get a custom printed star tent or canopy and put it up on your premises. A pub in Manchester has a Christmas tent every year in their courtyard all done up with fairy lights and decorations and it’s a big hit. People come back year after year. And it can work just as well if you are not a pub: why not put up a Christmas tent on your garage forecourt and treat your customers to some nice hot chocolate? Or have one at your sports club?

So, whatever way you want to go about it: capture that Christmas spirit and stand out from the crowd. Have a look around our website to see what we offer. And if you don’t immediately find what you are looking for, just get in touch. We are happy to help. Merry Christmas!

Call us on: 0121 667 8701 or email




Our Offer on Printed Promotional Flags: Extended until August 31st.

NOW EXTENDED until April 31st!

We are pleased to offer an amazing 1 free Printed Promotional Flag with every order of 3 Printed Promotional Flags throughout the months of July and August, saving you a massive 25%.

We have extended this hugely popular order to give you the chance to get you flags in before the start of the outdoor event season. The offer goes for all our promotional flags: besides feather flags we also have paddle or beach flags, forecourt flags and backpack flags.

Our premium flag systems are made to a very high standard and are built to last. All our flags are lightweight, easy to transport and quick to put up and take down. Our flags are sublimation printed, which means they are colourfast and rain and weather-proof. Furthermore, they come with all the necessary attachments and fittings free of charge.

Oh, and we also happily do the artwork for you, for free. Full Product Details Here

Printed Promotional Flags Materials

  • 110g Knitted Polyester
  • Fiberglass Pole

All our flags are:

  • lightweight and durable;
  • waterproof and fire retardant;
  • made from strong, high quality fabric

Prices start as low as £ 74.00 ex VAT for a 2.6 m tall flag kit (single sided print, full colour) and include everything you need:

  • FREE carry bag;
  • FREE pole set;
  • FREE ground spike, water/ sand base or cross base;
  • FREE artwork design;
  • and FREE shipping on orders over £150.00

Contact us today on 0121 667 8701 or email us to get a free quote and to place your order.




Bunting: a cost effective way to get your message across

Central Flags bespoke printed bunting is an all time favourite. Bunting is perfect for in store promotions, national days, county council activities, event promotions or for increasing brand recognition. It is a cost effective way of getting your message across in the most visual of ways.

Our custom printed bunting is durable and colourfast. This means you can use it both indoors and outdoors, for either short term or long term promotions. The bunting can be printed single sided or double sided.

Length and shape of printed bunting

Our bunting comes in 10 meter lengths. You can cut it to fit the size you need, or you can attach multiple strings of bunting together to create longer lengths. We can cut the bunting to any shape you require, from standard triangular pennants, to the shape of little t-shirts, food packaging etc.

Combine with other promotional materials

Printed bunting is also the perfect addition to an indoor promotion display. Combine it for instance with a pop up banner, promotion table cloth and bespoke paddle flags. Or in the case of an outdoor display, add your printed bunting to scrim barrier netting, feather flags or start/finish race gantries. This way you can make sure that your brand will stand out from the crowd.

Please call us on 0121 667 8701 or email: for further information.